Facebook's Privacy Policy: Gain Control of Your Information (ACLU)

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

I use Facebook because it allows me to share with the people I choose—not the people you choose. Facebook’s recent changes make it harder for me to control my private information. And unfortunately, that makes it harder for me to trust Facebook with that info at all.

Please do the following to regain my trust:

1. Give me control over all of the information that I share via Facebook, including “connections.” Make privacy the default, and then, let me choose who can see that information: friends, apps, pages, or the whole world.

2. Make sure that my information will not be shared with any third party—including applications, websites, or other Facebook partners—without my express opt-in consent.

Facebook says that privacy is about giving users control of their own information. Please live up to that!

[Your Name]

Send your letter here: https://secure.aclu.org/site/SPageNavigator/100513_Petition_Facebook_Policy?s_src=UNW100001ACT&s_subsrc=100513_facebook&JServSessionIdr004=880f61sob1.app226a

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