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Why We Should All Listen to Kids


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Don’t Believe Everything You See and Hear

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Wise Words on How to Have the Hard Conversations

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Prop 8 Is Unconstitutional

Perry et al v. Schwarzenegger et al “Due to the level of interest in this case, this site has been created to notify the media and public of procedures and rules for admission to proceedings, as well as access to … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup

ABC…LGBTQQAI…XYZ?  So what’s with the alphabet soup? First things first: L: Lesbian G: Gay B: Bisexual T: Trans (Transgender; Transexual; Transvestite) Q: Queer* Q: Questioning A: Ally I: Intersex *Please note that queer is one of many words that offends … Continue reading

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El “X” in “todxs”

Usamos el “x” en “todxs” para romper con el binarismo de género.  El binarismo de género (“gender binary”) es el sistema binario construido socialmente, el cual crea dos categorías rígidas y opuestas de “mujer” y “hombre” que asignan identidad sexual … Continue reading

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Brief Musings on Human Rights and the Problematic Lack Thereof

What are human rights? Simply said, human rights are the rights we have because we are human.  But what are rights?  What does it mean to be human?  What, if anything, makes someone less than human and therefore less deserving … Continue reading

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