What is gender?

This isn’t even a baseline intro into gender; rather, it is the open door to the world of gender identity, expression, theory, studies, etc… Hope it inspires your curiosities to delve further!

“…a sociohistorical construction that affects and is affected by individual and social practices that are consciously and unconsciously exercised.  As such, gender is part of a complex system of norms and values that is extremely influential in shaping the relationships between individuals of same or different sexes, between individuals and society, and between individuals and institutionalized structures of power.”
Gustavo Fischman, Imagining Teachers: Rethinking Gender Dynamics in Teacher Education (Read this and more on page 23)

“While sex concerns one’s anatomy and physiology, gender is a set of stories that people tell themselves and each other about what it means to be men and women.”
– Jackie M. Blount, Fit to Teach: Same-sex Desire, Gender, And School Work in the Twentieth Century

Gender ≠ Women[‘s “Issue(s)”]

Gender is feminine, gender is masculine, gender is trans, gender is queer… 

A Few Gender Q&A Resources:

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