All Rights All Around the World (Jan. 1, 2011)

A daily digest highlighting events around the world.

TUSD Governing Board Votes to Defy International Human Rights
The Voice of Tuscon
Preview: “The Tucson Unified School District governing board is proving itself to be a highly impotent and negligent force in the struggle for human rights in Arizona.
Fellow Tucson blogger, Abie, from Three Sonorans blog, published the fact that the school board was calling for an emergency meeting where they would announce what the district plans to do in regards to the sinister bill HB 2281, scheduled to go into effect in a matter of hours. Within just a 24 hour notice for the board meeting, the Tucson community—students, parents and community members—quickly mobilized to fill the room to make sure the school board knows that we are present and that we are watching their every move.”

Two Rivers teen raises funds for human rights organization
Herald Times Reporter
Preview: “Mckenzie Smith saw a need and decided to use her God-given talents to help meet it.
The 15-year-old makes and sells unique jewelry and gives the profits to the International Justice Mission, which the website describes as a human rights organization that works to free people from modern-day slavery, sexual exploitation and other types of violent oppression around the world.”

China: Don’t pressure us on human rights
The Philippine Star
Preview: “China is ‘very well aware’ of how it should improve its human rights record and doesn’t need to be pressured on the issue, its ambassador said yesterday.”
Related: Mgr Tong urges Beijing to free Liu Xiaobo, Catholic clergymen and human rights activists (Asia News)

Group: US refuses Poles help in CIA prison probe
The Washington Post / The Associated Press
Preview: “A human rights group said Tuesday the U.S. government has refused assistance to Polish prosecutors investigating whether the CIA maintained a secret prison in Poland.”
Related: Revealed: US refused to aid Polish probe of CIA black site detailed by Raw Story in ’07 (The Raw Story), Polish anger over secret CIA ‘prison’ (Scotsman), ‘US doesn’t want CIA on trial in Poland’ (Press TV)

Obama’s New Year Resolutions

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