All Rights All Around the World (Jan. 2, 2011)

A daily digest highlighting events around the world.

Help for needy may be on the way soon
Chicago Sun-Times
Preview: “It’s shocking when living conditions in Illinois get so bad for so many people that improving their lot must begin with a rallying cry for basic human rights.
I don’t know about you, but I like to think that ‘human rights’ issues fall strictly into the somewhat exotic ‘abuses’ category — problems that happen in tyrannical far-away lands.
But that’s just not the case.”

Dangerously silent on human rights
The Washington Post
Preview: “In a speech to the U.N. General Assembly last September Barack Obama suggested that his administration’s notoriously weak defense of human rights around the world would be invigorated. ‘We will call out those who suppress ideas and serve as a voice for those who are voiceless,’ he said. He went on to urge other democracies: ‘Don’t stand idly by, don’t be silent, when dissidents elsewhere are imprisoned and protestors are beaten.'”

Israel arrests human rights demonstrators and extends ban on marriage with Palestinians
Arab Monitor
Preview: “The Israeli authorities arrested 19 from a crowd of demonstrators who had gathered to protest against yesterday’s killing of a 36 year-old Palestinian woman in the West Bank village of Biliin during the weekly protest rally against the separation wall built on the villagers’ lands. Eleven of the demonstrators were arrested from a crowd that had chosen to gather outside the home of the US ambassador to Israel, James Cunningham, to protest against the fact that the tear gas canister that killed Jawahar Abu Rahma was produced in the US. Another eight protesters were arrested from among a second crowd that staged its demonstration later in the day in front of the Defence Ministry, holding up pictures of Abu Rahma.”
Related: Gazan youth issue manifesto to vent their anger with all sides in the conflict (The Guardian), Could US Foreign Policy in the Middle East Be Worse? Yes (Truthout), Israeli Violations of Human Rights in Jerusalem Escalated in December 2010 (Al-Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding)

Hopes for gay-rights gains shift to courts
Boston Globe
Preview: “Gay-rights activists, acknowledging they will lose momentum for their agenda in Congress when Republicans assume control of the House this week, are pinning their hopes for further gains in 2011 on a series of incremental measures and a host of federal court cases.” Names Equality Utah ‘Gay Rights Hero of 2010’
Q Salt Lake
Preview: “Activist Web site named Equality Utah as one of their top ten ‘Gay Rights Heroes of 2010’ for their work in getting ten Utah municipalities to pass non-discrimination ordinances in housing and employment that include gay and transgender people.”

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