All Rights All Around the World (Jan. 3, 2011)

A daily digest highlighting events around the world.

The Gay Year in Review: Top LGBT-Related Stories from the Americas
Americas Quarterly
Preview: “It was a banner year in the history of gay rights in the Americas. Here are the top-20 LGBT-related stories.”
Related: UN Secretary-General Calls for End to Discrimination and Violence Against LGBT People at Milestone Event (IGLHRC)

Human rights film fest at Peabody Essex Museum
Wicked Local
Preview: “Peabody Essex Museum will host the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival Saturday, Jan. 15 and Sunday, Jan.16, 1-6:30 p.m., in the Morse Auditorium. To attend, make a reservation by Jan. 13 by calling 978-745-9500.”

The Gaping Human Rights Loophole for Undocumented Immigrants
Preview: “Ironically, even though pro-immigrant advocates have won the moral high ground in the current debate about the rights of undocumented immigrants, they have lost the war over how they will be treated. This loss will not be permanently reversed until the discrimination they experience can be challenged as civil rights violations.”

Kosovo ombudsman urges more work on human rights
Southeast European Times
Preview: “Human rights in Kosovo have improved but more work is required from the institutions, according to Ombudsman Sami Kurteshi. In an interview with Voice of America published on Sunday (January 2nd), Kurteshi said there are people who are above the law, not a good human rights situation. Problems have spread throughout all administrative structures and often, the office of the People’s Advocate is not respected at all, Kurteshi pointed out. He said that complaints from the public involve mainly the courts, the government and the municipalities.”

Human Rights Group Demands Resignation of the Egyptian Interior Minister
Preview: “During a press statement today, Director of the Egyptian Center for Human Rights, Nabil Gabriel, blamed the Egyptian government for the New Year’s Eve massacre in Alexandria.”
Related: Outraged Egyptian Christians refuse emigration despite Islamist threat (Spero News), Massacre of Egyptian Christians‎ (International Analyst Network)

Tunisia: trouble in paradise
Preview: “Tunisia today exhibits all the symptoms of political decay that can be seen in surrounding Arab countries, with rising unemployment figures, widespread dissatisfaction and political unrest in the face of repeated extensions of so-called democratic mandates (President Ben Ali recently attempted to amend the Constitution to allow him a sixth term in office).
Any criticism of the President can lead to persecution and imprisonment, torture is routine and opposition parties are almost nonexistent. Not a single human rights monitoring group is allowed to operate legally and freely in the country.
Despite being a small country of just over 10 million, it has imprisoned more journalists than any other Arab country since 2000.”
Related: Tunisia: Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, Tunisia’s protest wave: where it comes from and what it means (Foreign Policy)

Human rights watchdog deeply concerned about closure of OSCE Office in Minsk
NAVINY.BY Belarus News
Preview: “The observation mission of the newly established International Committee for Control of Human Rights in Belarus has expressed deep concern about Minsk’s decision not to extend the mandate of the OSCE Office in Minsk.”
Related: US regrets OSCE office closure in Belarus‎ (AFP), OSCE pushes for continuing work in Belarus‎ (Monsters and

Ivory Coast: A Call for Return of Rule of Law
Voice of America
Preview: “As mediators seek a solution to the political crisis in Ivory Coast, Amnesty International says the protection of human rights should be at the heart of their efforts.”
Related: UN orders forces to probe Ivory Coast human rights violations‎ (AHN | All Headline News), UN vows to investigate Ivory Coast human rights violations‎ (Deutsche Welle)

A tipping point for gay and lesbian rights?
St. Louis Beacon
Preview: “The landmark, bipartisan, and congressional action I witnessed the president sign last week may prove to be the tipping point when it comes to gay rights in America. A sense of optimism and hope was truly palpable among the several hundred at the signing ceremony.”
Related: Wash. Times Responds To DADT Repeal With Unhinged Anti-Gay Rhetoric‎ (Media Matters for America), Your mail: We will survive repeal of DADT‎ (Alexandria Town Talk), Repeal of DADT emphasizes need for federal LGBT equal rights (Bay Windows)

Uganda bars media from outing gays
BBC News Africa
Preview: “A Ugandan High Court judge has ruled that media companies in the country should not publish the identities of people they say are homosexuals.
The decision was described as a “landmark ruling” by gay rights activists.”
Related: Ugandans win damages over anti-gay newspaper article‎ (The Guardian), Court bans media from outing gays‎ (Hindustan Times), Uganda Court Bans Outings by Media‎ (, Protecting the Rights of Sexual Minorities (IGLHRC)

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