UN General Assembly, sexual orientation, and unjust killings

UPDATE ON: SDGLN: “BREAKING NEWS: U.N. says it’s not OK to kill people because they are gay”

The Thinker: Exposed at the UN
The Jakarta Globe
Preview: “Gay rights activists around the world scored a victory last month when the UN General Assembly voted to restore a reference to sexual orientation in a resolution against unjustified slayings. The move was initiated by the United States after the reference had been struck from the resolution during an earlier UN session, a move that was met with vociferous criticism from rights activists around the world.”

United Nations restores protection to LGBT People
Out In Jersey
Preview: “The United Nations has voted to return the protection of LGBT people to its list of extrajudicial executions that the U.N. condemns.  The amendment introduced by the United States passed with 93 countries that voted yes, 55 that voted no and 27 abstaining. The US abstained from the vote for reasons “unrelated to sexual orientation.'”
“Later, President Obama said, ‘This vote marks an important moment in the struggle for civil and human rights, the time has come for all nations to redouble our efforts to end discrimination and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.’

U.N. votes to restore ‘sexual orientation’ to resolution against killings
Keen News Service
Preview: “In an important win for LGBT people and U.S. international diplomacy, the General Assembly of the United Nations voted to restore a reference to ‘sexual orientation’ in a resolution against the killing of vulnerable minority groups—a reference that had been removed only a month earlier.”

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