All Rights All Around the World (Jan. 7, 2011)

A daily digest highlighting events around the world.

WikiLeaks has human rights activists on alert
The Star
Preview: “In the bowels of every major embassy is a sound-proofed, secure room that is regularly swept for electronic bugs. There, covert conversations are carried on and secrets exchanged.”

Human Rights First Statement on Defense Authorization Signing
Human Rights First
Preview: “Today, President Obama signed into law restrictions on the prosecution and transfer, resettlement and repatriation of Guantanamo detainees passed by Congress as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.  Human Rights First President and CEO Elisa Massimino issued the following statement:”
Related: 07/01/2011Rights groups urge Spain to probe Guantanamo boss‎ (Expatica Spain), President decries rules on detainees‎ (Washington Post), Obama takes his Guantanamo closure pledge back‎ (The Voice of Russia)

Indonesia Puts the Spotlight on Human Rights as ASEAN Chair
Voice of America
Preview: “In its role chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) this year, Indonesia says it will make human rights its top priority.”
Related: Indonesia to Push for More ‘Effective’ Asean Human Rights Commission‎ (Jakarta Globe), Indonesia Should Use Asean Chair Term To Promote Rights – Ngo‎ (Bernama), Indonesia takes over ASEAN’s chairmanship‎ (Channel News Asia)

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