All Rights All Around the World (Jan. 11, 2011)

A daily digest highlighting events around the world.

Clinton – “Gay rights are human rights”
Same Same
Preview: “Respected American LGBT magazine The Advocate is hailing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a leading light for gay equality on the world stage.”
Related: Clinton pushes gay rights‎ (Sydney Star Observer), Equality Matters’ Kerry Eleveld Details Hillary Clinton’s Success In Elevating Worldwide LGBT Dialogue (Media Matters for America), Hillary Clinton claims the world is facing a rising tide of anti-gay violence (, Hillary Clinton Still Doesn’t Want the Gays to Marry (New York Magazine), Hillary Clinton Still Hung Up on Gay Marriage (Just Out), Gay And Lesbian Groups Disappointed As Clinton Reinstates “Mother” “Father” Status (Culture Clash Daily), State Dept. policy change the latest gay rights win (Washington Post blog)

Redoing the Human Rights First Report Card II
Preview: “The next several elements of the Human Rights First report card all deal with detention and trial. The first of these is the failing grade HRF gives to the Obama administration for not closing Guantanamo:”
Related: Op-Ed: Guantanamo Order Endangers Obama’s Legacy‎ (NPR), US: Act on Pledge to Close Guantanamo‎ (Human Rights Watch (press release))

Human Rights Campaign Statement on New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights
eNews Park Forest
Preview: “Last week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a landmark Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights into law. The legislation, passed almost unanimously by both houses of the state legislature in November, is the toughest state anti-bullying law in the country. The new law mandates specific anti-bullying procedures for schools across the state and also covers public universities. After the signing, HRC President Joe Solmonese made the following statement:”

Brain Injury Network Announces the Human Rights Issues and Concerns of People With Acquired Brain Injury From Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Brain Cancer, Brain Illness, Stroke, and Other Forms of ABI, People With Acquired Brain Injuries Consider Their Human Rights and Their Basic Human Safety Net to Be Their Most Vital Issues
Brain Injury Network
Preview: “The Brain Injury Network, an all acquired brain injury survivor organization (founded 1998), has announced human rights issues important to the ABI survivor community. BIN is a USA national and international organization promoting ABI survivor collective advocacy, citizen action and human rights. People with ABI at BIN have developed a collective consciousness and have articulated many issues that need public declaration. BIN is disseminating a consumer driven policy platform. We request that other policy advocates emphasize our recommendations and work for laws, standards and procedures that will protect vulnerable people who have ABI.”

In Realm of Religion, Women Lose Out
The New York Times
Preview: “In the week before a prominent Pakistani politician was assassinated for questioning the country’s blasphemy laws, a news report from Erbil in northern Iraq underlined how laws of this nature can be used against women.”
Related: More blood from blasphemy‎ (CathNews Asia), Could the US be Considered an ‘Islamic’ Country?‎ (MidEastPosts),

Unicef Hails New Law On Rights for Indigenous Children in Republic of Congo
Preview: “The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today hailed a new law granting children in the Republic of Congo belonging to indigenous populations a legal basis to access health, education and protection.”

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