All Rights All Around the World (Jan. 14, 2011)

A daily digest highlighting events around the world.

Advocates say U.S. citizens are also [v]ictimized by human trafficking
ABC Action News
Preview: “The victims in human trafficking cases are often immigrants, exploited by the very people who brought them to America. But human rights advocates say they’re not the only ones being targeted. U.S. citizens, many of them children, are also victims of human traffickers.”

Why some adults of sound mind are denied the Right to Vote in Ghana
Preview: “In solemn declaration and affirmation of our commitment to; The Principle of Universal Adult Suffrage; The Rule of Law; The protection and preservation of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms, Unity, etc, we the people of Ghana adopted, enacted and gave to ourselves the 1992 Constitution. Our natural and inalienable rights are therefore enshrined in this book called the Constitution.”

CoE Commissioner for Human Rights arriving in Armenia Jan. 18
Preview: “Member of the Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Naira Zohrabyan, said she is going to discuss Baku’s demarches and the statement issued by the Poland’s embassy in Azerbaijan with the Polish delegation to PACE and members of Polish Sejm.”

Gambia: Justice Minister Threatens to Prosecute Exiled Journalists And Human Rights Defenders
Preview: “Gambia’s Justice Minister, Edward Gomez issued threats to exiled journalists and rights defenders, saying that they would be prosecuted if they returned for allegedly ‘painting a grim picture’ of the country.”

The Known Unknowns in Honduras
In These Times
Preview: “Leaked cables reveal U.S. government knowledge of disastrous military coup”

Equality need not be sacrificed in name of civil liberty
Troy Media
Preview: “Civil libertarians should not use law to silence hate-mongers, but rather confront them with counter-arguments.”

NUI Galway lecturer’s book on women’s human rights wins prestigious honour
Galway Advertiser
Preview: “The publication entitled Women’s Human Rights: Seeking Gender Justice in a Globalising Age by Dr Niamh Reilly, a senior lecturer in women’s studies at the School of Political Science and Sociology, scooped the coveted Outstanding Academic Title for 2010 from the American Library Association/CHOICE.”

Russians are not racists, we just want fair treatment
The Guardian
Preview: “Inflamed reports of bloodthirsty skinheads in Moscow obscure the concerns Russians have about a different kind of nationalism”

As Latin America Changes, Will the U.S. Policy Debate?
Americas Quarterly
Preview: “Latin America is changing. Do we have the tools and intellectual framework to deal with it?
From Brazil to Mexico, Latin America has found new diplomatic muscle, asserting itself into international issues and all the while deepening ties with new trade partners from China to Russia. At the same time, despite increased rhetoric of regional solidarity and independence from the U.S., the region is at its most divided, ideologically and in its economic trajectories.”

A blind eye for terror in Colombia
People’s World
Preview: “In Washington, business interests are pushing the Obama administration to submit a U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement for congressional approval. Yet terror prevails under the new regime of President Juan Manuel Santos”
Related: Colombia Urges US Trade Pact But Human Rights Fester (Wall Street Journal), Colombian human rights judge given asylum by Swiss (

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