Stop Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl

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“Every year, children as young as 11 are trafficked involuntarily to Super Bowl cities. There, football fans – usually men, often inebriated – will pay traffickers to have sex with them.
The Texas Attorney General estimates these kids have a life expectancy of just seven years from the time they’re first trafficked.

This year, the Super Bowl Host Committee is charged ‘to engage in responsible planning … to ensure the readiness of North Texas to host the first Super Bowl in the Cowboys’ new stadium.’

Local anti-trafficking groups have repeatedly offered to help the Committee use its influence to educate fans and the public about the dangers of child trafficking — which could help to prevent thousands of rapes and abuses at America’s biggest sporting event.
But the Host Committee has refused to take meaningful action. And thousands of children will pay the price.

Tell the 2011 Super Bowl Host Committee to take a stand against child trafficking.

In Dallas, a terrific local organization called Traffick911 has created the “I’m Not Buying It” campaign. They’ve offered the Host Committee free PSAs, posters, banners and informational cards to educate the public and protect children from being abused and raped.

But the Host Committee refuses to display the information.

The Committee is working hard right now to generate good publicity for North Texas and the game, so public pressure at this moment will be especially powerful.

Tell the Super Bowl Host Committee that they have a responsibility to protect the children who’ll be trafficked to Texas for the Super Bowl:

After you sign, please forward this email to friends and family to let them know about this crisis, and how they can help.

Thanks for taking action,
– Patrick and the team

P.S. Once you add your name, click here to share this campaign on Facebook.”

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2 Responses to Stop Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl

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  2. Lisa Wolf says:

    The issue of sex slavery is a VERY SEPARATE issue from that of independent sex workers, and should never be considered one and the same. If keeping children off the streets, and out of the hands of predators was the main concern of these police departments, then they would let the CONSENTING, ADULTS off with a ticket at most, and continued their stings to weed out more CHILDREN! Instead, they put much more time and energy into CONSENTING ADULTS than CHILDREN!

    What a ridiculously hypocritical society we are! We accept “Girls Gone Wild”, if they don’t get paid. If they make $20, it’s a crime. We go on and on about what a free, accepting, and tolerant society we live in, yet we engage in pointless witch hunts every day; and cheer each other on in this foolishness. And, those who are most against this issue tend to either know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it, or are some of these “criminals” biggest customers! Protect children, and leave consenting adults alone! If a group of teenagers consumes alcohol, and gets into a car accident, are we going to ban alcohol? Are we going to arrest adults who drink? NO! We make it illegal to serve alcohol to MINORS. That’s called targeting a problem. Anything else is a witch hunt. Period.

    Prostitution will NEVER go away, and as long as we intimidate those who are harming no one, and keep it underground , we will also never be able to eradicate sex slavery. Bring it out in the open! Legalize it, regulate it, and let’s get our children off of the streets!

    BTW, Good job on making your city look like absolute garbage, to the rest of the world, Arlington! Keep up the good work!

    Lisa Wolf

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