All Rights All Around the World (Jan. 21, 2011)

Young Describes Women’s Role in Civil Rights
Emory Wheel
Preview: “Through intimate stories and details, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young highlighted women’s role in the Civil Rights Movement in his King Week keynote address on Tuesday.”

Rollback of Reproductive Rights, Tone of Debate Must Change
Religious Action Center
Preview: “Rabbi Saperstein: ‘We will continue to sound a strong, moral, Jewish voice for the full range of reproductive rights — including the right to a safe and affordable abortion, the right to comprehensive sex education, and the right to accessible and affordable contraception.'”
Related: Roe v. Wade anniversary triggers thoughts about ruling’s fairness, women’s rights‎ (OSU – The Lantern), Roundup: Roe v. Wade’s 38th Anniversary‎ (RH Reality Check (blog)), Defending Roe v Wade‎ (The Nation. (blog)), Anti-abortion activist announces run against Obama (CNN)

Detained Teenager Questioned by F.B.I.
The New York Times
Preview: “An American teenager who was detained for several weeks in Kuwait and placed on an American no-fly list landed on Friday morning at Dulles Airport, where he was briefly questioned by the F.B.I. and then released to his family.”
Related: U.S. citizen returning home after being detained in Kuwait‎ (CNN International), US teen held in Kuwait returns home‎ (

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