All Rights All Around the World (Jan. 27, 2011)

A daily digest highlighting events around the world.

McCaskey East High School Divides Students By Race, Gender For ‘Better Mentoring’
The Huffington Post
Preview: “Pennsylvania’s McCaskey East High School has come up with a controversial plan to help the school’s black students: to segregate them.”
Related: school experiments with ‘segregation’‎ (CNN International), KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, LouisianaSchool divides students by race and gender‎ (KPLC-TV), Six minutes of segregation a day: Can it help black students?‎ (Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog))

No jail for Israel soldiers who shot Palestinian
Preview: “An Israeli military court on Thursday issued suspended prison sentences to a  soldier and his commanding officer over the 2008 shooting of a blindfolded Palestinian detainee in the occupied West Bank.”
Related: 2 Israeli soldiers avoid jail time in sentencing of shooting blindfolded Palestinian  (The Canadian Press), On-Camera Shooting: Israel Troops Avoid Jail‎ (Sky News), Palestinians slam Borberg sentence‎ (Ynetnews)

Murray becomes 1st woman to lead Senate veterans panel
The Miama Herald
Preview: “Senate Democrats selected Washington state’s Patty Murray to head the Veterans’ Affairs Committee Thursday, marking the first time a woman will hold the influential post.”

The State of Our Children
Huffington Post
Related: “I hope you took the time to watch the President’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday. There’s an interesting graphic on the New York Times website that analyzes the patterns of word use throughout the State of the Union addresses delivered by Presidents going back to 1934. I think it’s a very useful analysis, but the words they chose to focus on — terms like deficit, power, compete, enemies, and terror — aren’t the ones that pique my interest. Last night during President Obama’s State of the Union, I was looking for a simpler word: children.”
Related: The State of the Union for Children‎ (

Poverty at play in 21 child deaths: report
CTV News
Preview: “The sad, short lives of 21 B.C. children who all died before their second birthday has the province’s independent children’s representative calling on the government to do more to fight child poverty.”
Related: At-risk children died needlessly: BC report‎ (, Poverty, fractured system puts BC kids at risk of death, says new report‎ (Vancouver Sun), BC’s children’s watchdog calls for a child poverty plan‎ (News1130)

US judge: state paternity requirement discriminates against illegal immigrants’ children
The Canadian Press
Preview: “Indiana cannot deny paternity documents for children born in the U.S. just because their parents are illegal immigrants and don’t have Social Security numbers, a federal judge ruled Thursday.”

Milan offers Italy’s 1st gay studies course
The Associated Press
Preview: “While gay studies courses are widespread in the United States and much of northern Europe, often under the heading gender studies to be inclusive of lesbians and transsexuals, such an offering in predominantly Roman Catholic Italy, where church teachings hold homosexual activity to be sinful, is something of a revolution – albeit so far confined to the halls of higher learning.”
Related: First Gay Studies Course Offered in Italy‎ (

U.N. Women Executive Director Bachelet Launches 100-Day ‘Action Plan’
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Preview: “During the inaugural meeting of U.N. Women’s executive board this week, Executive Director Michelle Bachelet laid out a 100-day action plan for the newly-launched agency, Inter Press Service reports.”
Related: Former president back in spotlight in UN role‎ (The Associated Press), UN Launches Women’s Rights Organization‎ (Voice of America), India calls for ‘effective prioritisation’ of gender issues‎ (Hindustan Times)

Proposal to add sexual orientation and gender identity selection to college applications is rejected
San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
Preview: “The Common Application has rejected a proposal that it add optional questions on sexual orientation and gender identity. The board of the organization issued a statement suggesting that colleges have other ways to indicate support for applicants who are gay or who don’t identify with traditional gender categories, and that adding the questions could pose problems.”

Athlete Caster Semenya unbowed by gender row
Preview: “In her first major interview since being forced to undergo gender verification tests, South African athlete Caster Semenya has said that she is unaffected by the controversy which has surrounded her in recent years.”
Related: Index‎ (The Canadian Press), Runner Semenya tries to stay focused on competing‎ (The Associated Press), Runner Semenya glad to be training again‎ (Newsday (subscription))

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