All Rights All Around the World (Jan. 30, 2011)

Married Gay Troops Won’t Be Recognized After DADT Repeal
On Top Magazine
Preview: “A gay service member marrying will no longer be grounds for discharge after ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is repealed, but federal law will keep the military from recognizing the marriage, officials said on Friday.”

Tory MP removes ‘gay lesson’ blog entry after complaint
Preview: “An MP has had to rewrite an entry on his blog after saying plans to teach children about homosexuality would impose ‘questionable sexual standards’.”
Related: Tory MP faces complaint over ‘Gay lesson’ blog comments‎ (

Which gender approves more of homosexual cheating?
IT Wire
Preview: “According to a University of Texas study, men and women were asked if they would be more forgiving if their partner had had an affair with a person of the opposite sex or same sex. See the surprising conclusions below.”
Related: Study: Girl on Girl Cheating is Okay With Men‎ (TopNews New Zealand)

Maldives condemns Burma’s rights record at UNHRC review
Preview: “The Maldives Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Iruthisham Adam, while speaking for the country at the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review of Burma (Myanmar), sternly criticised the military-led government’s human rights track record, calling for substantial and transparent reforms.”
Related: Myanmar faces flak over rights record‎ (AFP), Burma under pressure at UN Human Rights Council‎ (Australia Network News), Myanmar: Supreme Court rejects appeal, NLD still illegal‎ (Spero News)

UN studies domestic violence in Cherokee
Citizen Times
Preview: “A United Nations expert told leaders of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians on Friday that more needs to be done to punish those who sexually and physically assault Native American women.”
Related: UN Special Rapporteur visits Cherokee‎ (The Cherokee One Feather)

Immigrant women need protectors
Preview: “Domestic violence is an all too familiar part of a relationship for millions of women. Despite the promise of America, many immigrants have found it difficult to achieve the ‘American Dream,’ instead to experience domestic violence and prejudice. Little attention has been paid to immigrant women who are battered. Violence against women is universal and strikes in all cultures. However, battered immigrant women face even greater obstacles in their efforts to escape violent relationships with problems associated with immigration, cultural, legal, and language barriers.”
Related: Community must pay more attention to issue (Poughkeepsie Journal), Abuse victims face deportation if found in San Francisco’s ICE database (San Francisco Examiner)

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