All Rights: What’s Happening in Egypt? (Jan. 31, 2011)

America’s narcissism taints Egypt coverage
Preview: “The question we can’t stop asking ourselves: What do the demonstrations mean for America?”
“So our liberal Tumblr users feel self-satisfied because they are keeping up with the latest images out of Cairo and our Bush apologists can feel like his entire foreign policy has been justified and our finest foreign affairs bloggers can happily argue with each other over Israel, as they always do, and meanwhile in Egypt thousands of people will fight for their fundamental human rights, a struggle that has very little to do with your opinions on anything.”

Updates on Day 7 of Egypt Protests
The New York Times
The Lede
Preview: “The Lede is following the continuing street protests in Egypt on Sunday. For a summary of the latest events, see the main news article by my colleagues in Egypt. There is a stream of Twitter updates by bloggers and journalists we’re following to the right. Updates below mix alerts on breaking news with reports from other Web sites and eyewitness accounts, video and photographs posted on social networks. Readers who want to share information with us can write in the comment thread below or send photographs or video from Egypt to”
Related: Reuters rolling liveblog, Reports from  BBC, Huffington Post, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Anthony De Rosa’s dispatches, Aljazeera’s live stream

Egypt crisis: country braced for ‘march of a million’
The Telegraph
Preview: “A ‘march of a million’ against the Egyptian regime has been called for Tuesday in Alexandria after one was announced in Cairo and all train services were cancelled, an aide to dissident Mohamed ElBaradei said.”
Related: Egypt Update: March of Millions Planned For Tuesday; Plus, Where to Read More‎ (Village Voice (blog)), Egypt protesters increase pressure (Aljazeera)

E.U. Calls for Orderly Transition in Egypt
The New York Times
Preview: “Despite worries that the popular uprising in Egypt might be hijacked by forces hostile to Western interests, foreign ministers from the European Union on Monday called for an orderly transition, saying they supported substantial democratic reform and free and fair elections there.”
Related: EU Foreign Ministers Urge Egypt to Find Peaceful Outcome‎ (Voice of America), EU foreign ministers push for fair elections in Egypt (Roundup)‎ (Monsters and

EGYPT: Human rights group demands government reopen Al Jazeera bureau
Los Angeles Times
Preview: “Human rights officials have denounced the Egyptian government shutdown of Arab satellite network Al Jazeera’s Cairo bureau Sunday and are demanding the bureau be allowed to reopen.”

Will Egypt’s unrest spread?
Preview: “Widespread unrest broke out in Egypt in the wake of Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution, but could the upheaval go further? Are we about to witness the Arab world’s equivalent of 1989, when a tide of popular protests swept away many of Eastern Europe’s communist regimes?”
Related: Yemen is not Tunisia or Egypt‎ (CNN)

Did Egypt’s Army Just Throw Mubarak Under The Bus?
Preview: “The Army has acted with restraint thus far: journalist Issandr El Amrani posted the above video today, which shows a one-star general assuring protesters it’s not his job to suppress the protests or prop up the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. But there has been ambiguity about the Army’s intentions. Low-flying helicopters and fighter jets have circled above protest epicenters, raising questions as to whether a possible confrontation was in the works.”
Related: Egypt latest – Marines at Cairo’s US Embassy‎ – CNN (blog)), Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: A force to be feared?‎ (CNN International)

Crisis in Egypt spurs fears of impact on global economy
The Washington Post
Preview: “Political turbulence in Egypt is casting a pall on global financial markets and creating new risks for the shaky world economy in the months ahead.”
Related: How Egypt spells oil spike‎ (CNNMoney), Risk Trades Return, Oil Tops $100/Barrel; All Eyes On Egypt‎ (Wall Street Journal), Egypt Unrest Spurs Call for US Oil-Output Boost, Policy Action‎ (Bloomberg)

Stocks hold gains amid Egypt unrest
CNN Money
Preview: “U.S. stocks rose Monday as investors focused on the positive earnings news out of Exxon Mobil and rising commodity prices, while continuing to monitor the ongoing political unrest in Egypt.”
Related: US STOCKS-Market rises on M&A, earnings; Egypt in focus‎ (Reuters), Egypt, Exxon, spending data in the spotlight‎ (MarketWatch), Minyanville’s T3 Morning Market Call: Oil Futures Rise on Egypt Unrest; Exxon Crushes Earnings‎ (

U.S. Setting Up Flights for Evacuations of Americans in Egypt
Preview: “The U.S. State Department intends to evacuate approximately 900 Americans from Egypt to ‘safe havens’ today, more than one-third of the 2,400 people who have contacted the department seeking evacuation assistance, the agency said today.”
Related: Evacuations ramp up as Egypt protests continue‎ (CNN International)

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