All Rights All Around the World (Feb. 1, 2011)

Assisted Death, Palliative Care And Human Rights
Medical News Today
Preview: “The issues of assisted death and palliative care in Canada should be discussed in the context of human rights, states a commentary published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).”

Is access to the Internet a basic human right?
Still Small Voice
Preview: “It’s something to consider in light of the black-out in Egypt. (You can see a graphic about that here, and read how it’s spreading here.) And you can read more about the Egyptian government’s ownership of the service provider here.”

Ga. Democrat again pushes racial profiling bill
Preview: “It would require state and local police departments to begin an annual training program on racial profiling that instructs officers not to use race or ethnicity as a pretext to stop a vehicle. Police officers would also be required to keep data on traffic stops, such as the race and gender of drivers they pull over.”

Meeting David Kato: His Courage Is a Model for Our Leaders
The Huffington Post (blog)
Preview: “Three months after prominent Ugandan LGBT rights activist David Kato’s face was pictured in the Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone under the headline, ‘Hang Them,’ he was brutally murdered in his own home. Two weeks ago, we spoke to Kato at length about his advocacy and were struck by his passion and courage in the face of such extreme hatred.”
Related: Gay Ugandan’s murder blamed on American evangelicals‎ (Mshale African Community Newspaper), Murdered Ugandan Activist Should Be Honored With Bill in Congress‎ (, Activism and the gay community: What Uganda can teach us‎ (Sydney Morning Herald), Murder in Uganda (The Washington Post)

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