Senate non-discrimination bill to come to a vote TODAY

A Message from Equality Virginia

A subcommittee of House General Laws rolled all of the non-discrimination bills into Delegate Ebbin’s House Bill 2046 last night and then voted to kill the bill.

EV presented compelling testimony from individuals and about discrimination again this year.  We presented real human stories and data about the incidence of discrimination and complaint experience from other states that have nondiscrimination bills.  We pointed out that, without statutory protection  and a complaint process, GLBT employees in state and local employment don’t feel comfortable making their concerns known to supervisors or to anyone else.

Nonetheless, Del. Todd Gilbert said he remained unconvinced that the public employee nondiscrimination bill would address a “real problem.”  He went on to issue a challenge to our community saying that, if there really was discrimination in public employment against GLBT people, there would be “a line out the door” of people ready to tell their stories.

Take Action
We need you to do two things now:

1) Urge your Senator to vote to pass SB 747 (the Senate bill that would protect state employees from discrimination);

2) Send us an email to if you want to be in line when the House subcommittee hears the Senate bill in 2 weeks.

Last night, the House General Laws voted to kill ALL of the non-discrimination bills. Contact your Senator TODAY and ask them to vote to pass SB 747, so that we can make a real statement when the bill is considered in the House committee!

For Equality,
Equality Virginia

To make a contribution to support our direct lobbying work, click here.

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