All Rights All Around the World (Feb. 4, 2011)

The state of the LGBT union in 2011
Pride Source
Originally printed 2/3/2011 (Issue 1905 – Between The Lines News)
Preview: “Surveying the political landscape in January 2010, few observers could have predicted that a Republican tidal wave would soon wash over the nation and our state. The November elections, of course, resulted in GOP control of the U.S. House and Republican gains in the Senate, while here in Michigan, Republicans won every statewide office and majorities in both houses of the legislature. This year begins with a very challenging political reality when it comes to issues of LGBT equality.”

Transgender activists face multiple challenges
The Washington Post
Preview: “The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality say their survey of 6,450 transgender people is the largest of its kind. It details discrimination encountered ‘at every turn’ – in childhood homes, in schools and workplaces, at stores and hotels, at the hands of doctors, judges, landlords and police.”

National Conference on LGBT Equality focuses on faith
Preview: “The National Conference of LGBT Equality started today at the Hilton Minneapolis, Minnesota, emphasizing a number of issues involving faith. According to the conference website, the 5-day conference is intended for young and old activists, organizers and activists of color, paid and unpaid staff people at LGBT political and community organizations, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex advocates and straight allies, elected officials, and leaders of campus communities and local community centers.”

Should LA’s Schools Provide Healthcare? New Super Says Yes.‎
Preview: “The public school system is tasked with educating children, but should it also be responsible for its students’ healthcare? John Deasy, the newly appointed superintendent of Los Angeles schools, believes so. Though he does not take over the schools’ top position until April, Deasy is already making big plans, including a goal of providing all uninsured elementary students with medical, dental, and vision coverage.”
Related: New LA schools leader John Deasy calls for student healthcare‎ (Los Angeles Times)

Marriage is a right, keep religion out
SMU Daily Campus
Preview: “Marriage is a universally accepted human right. The United States was a key author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we pledge to follow the UDHR in all our domestic dealings. Nevertheless the right to marriage in the United States isn’t universal, and will never be until we act to legalize same-sex marriage at a national level.
Leaving marriage up to the states has been the de facto policy for the past two decades. A nationalized approach is needed to protect the recognition of the legal contract that constitutes marriage.”

Algerians debate female inheritance rights
Preview: “When it launched its appeal for the equal treatment of women in inheritance last November, the Centre for Information and Documentation on Children’s and Women’s Rights (CIDDEF) was fully aware that such a request would cause a stir.”

Roe v. Wade case celebrated on campus
The Brown and White
Preview: “The court case was a controversial one, involving ‘Jane Roe,’ an alias for the plaintiff, a pregnant single woman and her fight to win the right to an abortion. Texas law at the time prohibited abortions, except for the sole purpose of saving the mother’s life.”

Fatwa against rape victim questioned
Preview: “The Bangladesh high court has taken up the case of the death of a 14-year-old girl who was whipped after being accused of an affair with a married man.”
Related: Bangladesh arrests clerics over whipping a girl (The Washington Post), Alleged Rape Victim, 14, Dies After Public Flogging in Bangladesh‎ (AOL News), Hena tragedy outrageous‎ (The Daily Star), 40-yr old man beds 14-yr old girl, clerics crack whip to kill (India Express)

Tenn. ranks in the middle of a national child health care study
Preview: “A nationwide study shows child health care is lagging behind in Tennessee, but the areas where Tennessee ranked the lowest, are already the focus for local community efforts.”
Related: Securing a Healthy Future: The Commonwealth Fund State Scorecard on Child Health System Performance, 2011 Charts (The Commonwealth Fund), EDITORIAL: Child health in Alabama gets mixed grade‎ (The Huntsville Times – (blog)), California ranks low on child health care report card‎ (KSBY San Luis Obispo News), Ariz. is rated third-worst state on child health care‎ (Arizona Daily Star)

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