Wisconsin Assembly Passed the Amended Bill

Wisconsin Capitol quiet after anti-union vote
Preview: “The Wisconsin Capitol was eerily quiet Thursday night following three weeks of protests against anti-union legislation that drew tens of thousands of demonstrators to Madison. While people had been sleeping in the building for weeks, all eventually left after the Assembly voted to approve a bill eliminating public employee’s collective bargaining rights.”

Taxpayers Win in Wisconsin
The Wall Street Journal
Preview: “Congratulations to Wisconsin Republicans, who held together this week to pass their government union reforms despite unprecedented acting out by Democrats and their union allies. Three weeks ago we described this battle as a foretaste of Greece come to America, but maybe there’s hope for taxpayers after all.”

Michael Moore To Rachel Maddow On Wisconsin: ‘This Is War’ (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post
Preview: “On her Wednesday show, Rachel Maddow and filmmaker Michael Moore both agreed that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the state’s Republicans will lose what Moore called a ‘class war’ being waged against the working class.”

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