One Step Away: The Word of the Street

One Step Away is a program of Resources for Human Development and is Philadelphia’s first Street Newspaper, founded in December 2009. You can get OSA from a vendor or subscribe.”

The Mission:
“One Step Away has a twofold purpose: One, to offer those without shelter meaningful income opportunities and personal growth, and, two, to backlight the scourge of homelessness and lack of affordable housing in the Philadelphia area to bring forward solutions and changes so that everyone enjoys the shelter they deserve.”

OSA on Facebook

OSA on YouTube

About OSA:
One Step Away is Philadelphia’s first street paper aimed at raising awareness of homelessness and providing employment to those in need. With each dollar received, 75¢ goes directly to the vendor. The other 25¢ covers the printing costs. The vendors are residents of various shelters in Philadelphia, including The Ridge Center at 1360 Ridge Avenue, the largest men’s shelter in Philadelphia; the Woodstock Family Shelter at 1981 North Woodstock Street, an emergency shelter for women and their children who have become homeless; and Project H.O.M.E., 1515 Fairmount Avenue.”
Click here for more information about OSA’s writers, vendors, and affiliation.

Arcadia University Capstone Project: One Step Away

“JoLynne Holloman ’10 used her Capstone project to document and partake in the formation of One Step Away, Philadelphia’s first street newspaper produced and distributed by the homeless.”

More info:

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