Ode to Women: “Bitch, shut your mouth”

Misogyny as “entertainment”
“Defenders of raunch culture portray their critics as “humorless,” but there’s nothing funny about the discrimination and violence they prop up, explains Rachel Cohen.”
“MISOGYNY HAS a new musical manifesto. The single “Ode to Women” by the band Your Best Friend’s Ex revolves around the refrain “Bitch, shut your mouth” and is polluting the Internet with a music video full of women in not much clothing, dancing, lip synching and barely containing their excitement at being treated like dirt.”

Spring Is No Excuse For Street Harassment
“The truth is that street harassment isn’t about sex. It’s about power. It’s about taking pleasure in degrading another human being. Most harassers know damn well that shouting sexual slurs is a lousy seduction strategy. But whether they harass alone or in groups, most men who openly stare, yell, whistle (or worse) aren’t interested in getting laid, though they might happily jump at the chance if it were miraculously given. What they want is the thrilling reminder of their own masculine power –- a power they feel more permission to use when the weather is warm and women seem to be wearing fewer clothes.”

See also: CAUTION: Strong Language (She’s just an object.)

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