Will Gay Virginia Couples Soon Be Able to Adopt?

UPDATE: VA Board Rejects Gay Adoption

Legislation that would permit gay couples in Virginia to adopt children is currently under consideration by Republican Governor Bob McDonnel.  According to the Washington Post, Governor McDonnell “is considering whether to try to derail proposed regulations developed by his Democratic predecessor that would for the first time allow gay couples to adopt children in Virginia.”

Current laws only allow married couples, single men, and single woman to adopt children.  This law would be historic for Virginia, a state which is not known for its pro-gay legislation.  It is still legal to fire someone based on their sexual orientation in Virginia.  Just last year, Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli sent a letter to Virginia colleges and universities requesting the removal of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression from their nondiscrimination policies.  Extending adoption rights to same-sex couples would be much needed progress.

So will it pass?  Governor McDonnell is weighing his options.  He only has a couple of weeks to make the decision.  Among those weighing in on the matter are Attorney General Cuccinelli, known for his homophobic stance, faith-based organizations opposed to gay people being parents, and Equality Virginia, a gay rights organization based out of Richmond.  Personally, I find the fact that he is considering the legislation and not outright rejecting it hopeful.  Stay tuned for the latest updates as his decision unfolds.

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