“Don’t play politics with women’s health”: A Message from the ACLU

The governor is playing politics with women’s health by amending a bill that the legislature already passed.

The governor’s amendment to HB 2434 blocks insurance companies from offering comprehensive policies that include coverage for abortion and interferes with a woman’s private medical decisions. Legislators vote on this amendment tomorrow, and we urgently need your help.

Tell your state legislators to oppose the governor’s amendment to HB 2434 today.

The government has no place limiting access to a legal medical procedure. But the governor’s amendment to HB 2434 prohibits an insurance company from selling — and prevents an individual from buying — policies that cover abortion.

This amendment — along with the outrageous proposals we’re hearing from Congress — are all part of one of the most serious anti-choice attacks that has ever been mounted.

We need you to stand with us today. Tell your state legislators: “Don’t play politics with women’s health.”

Thank you for speaking out,

The ACLU Online Team

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