Let’s Talk About Sex: It’s Time for Comprehensive Sex Education in America


A message from Change.org:

Nothing scares “The Powers That Be” more than the idea of sex and young people.

Even though 95% of Americans have sex before marriage, we’re still supposed to pretend that young people never have sex. They don’t think about it.  They don’t talk about it.  So we’d better not teach them anything about sex – about their bodies, about contraception, about having real, healthy relationships – or they might start getting ideas!

Every day in America 10,000 teenagers catch a sexually transmitted disease, 2,400 teen girls become pregnant, and 55 young people are infected with HIV.  So why do teachers get in trouble for answering questions honestly in sex ed classes?  Why won’t the major TV networks run ads for condoms in primetime, but they’ll run ads for Viagra whenever they want?  And why has our government spent over $1.5 billion on abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, even though 85% of parents want sex education to include information about abstinence and contraception?

Talking about sex is still “too controversial” and young people are paying the price.

Young people in the United States have a right to learn the information they need to make responsible decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. Parents, schools, and society all have a role to play to make sure that our children grow up healthy — and informed about their own bodies and lives.

Take a stand for honest, accurate sex education in America.  Together, we can make the U.S. a sexually healthy nation!


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