Life Is On The Line (A Message from

Unless we take action together today, a San Diego man named Joseph Bokombe will be deported to Uganda — where he could be killed for being gay.

Uganda is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Homosexuality is criminalized in the country, and legislators have previously pushed a “Kill the Gays” bill that would sentence LGBT people to life imprisonment or execution.

Politicians and pastors alike have talked about the moral imperative of “eliminating” homosexuality from the country, and Ugandan newspapers have printed the faces of LGBT people on the covers of their pages, with the caption “Hang them” written underneath.

So why would the United States deport an openly gay man to Uganda, where he could be murdered because of his sexual orientation?

That’s exactly what’s happening in San Diego, where U.S. immigration officials could send Joseph back to Uganda any minute, where he could face violence, torture, or the prospect of being executed — just because he is gay.

Time is running out. But Joseph’s friends aren’t giving up without a fight. They’ve started an urgent petition on asking Rep. Susan Davis, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Dianne Feinstein to stop Joseph’s deportation. Please click here to sign it now, before it’s too late.

Joseph came to the United States five years ago from Uganda on a cultural exchange visa. He worked in the music industry, became active in a local church, and volunteered for area nonprofits, including Mental Health America of San Diego County.

According to friends, Joseph is deathly afraid to go back to Uganda, where he fears he will be targeted because of his sexual orientation.

“Joseph deserves to live freely, without fear of being beaten, tortured, or killed because he is gay,” said Hector Martinez, a local activist and friend of Joseph who started the petition on “We need to come together as both LGBT people and straight allies to push for Joseph’s safety, and to allow him to stay with his friends and community here in the United States.”

Click the link below to send an urgent message to Rep. Davis, Sen. Boxer and Sen. Feinstein asking them to intervene now. Joseph’s life may depend on it.

Thanks for standing up for Joseph, before it’s too late.

– Eden and the team


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