Loving couples torn apart — it’s not right (A Message from Sen. Patrick Leahy)

I don’t want another American to be forced to choose
between their country and the person they love.

Fight with me. Let’s end this discriminatory immigration law once and for all.


Every year, our nation’s immigration laws tear apart loving families simply because these couples are of the same gender. With federal law prohibiting LGBT Americans from sponsoring their same-sex partners for immigration, too many couples are forced into choosing between staying here and staying together.

It’s unjust and cruel. But we can stop it from happening.

In the coming days, Rep. Jerry Nadler and I will introduce companion versions of the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), commonsense legislation that would correct this broken system and allow LGBT Americans to sponsor their same-sex partners for legal immigration.

Linley, if there’s anything my years on Capitol Hill have taught me, it’s that what we do right now can help create momentum and build support for this important bill. I need your help to show that the American people won’t stand for such blatant discrimination in our immigration laws. Will you join me and speak out at this critical moment?

As a nation, we should be better than this. No American should face the false choice between their family and their country. Innocent children shouldn’t have to watch their family needlessly separated.

And at a time of economic trouble, we can’t afford to lose talented teachers, doctors, engineers, and scientists to countries with more pro-equality laws and practices. This is a pro-family, pro-jobs bill that every legislator can support.

Twenty-five other countries, including many of our closest allies such as Germany, Israel, and the United Kingdom, already provide immigration rights to same-sex couples. But thousands of same-sex, bi-national couples in the United States face a terrible predicament: When a visa expires, the American citizen cannot sponsor his or her partner for residence, forcing a couple to choose between love and country.

This happened in my own state of Vermont not too long ago. One of my constituents was forced to sell his family farm and move to London just so he could live with his partner without violating immigration laws.

I know I speak for Rep. Nadler and all of you when I say that it’s just plain wrong. Will you help me make this injustice a thing of the past?

This isn’t about special benefits or status. It’s about a civil right that millions of couples enjoy every day. I hope you’ll stand with me now.

Thank you for everything you do – and for joining us in this effort.


Sen. Patrick Leahy

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