America’s Youth Have No Jobs

“There’s a youth jobs crisis in America that no one is talking about.” –

America’s Youth Have No Jobs and No Safety Net
Economy in Crisis
Preview: “Young workers have seen unemployment rates double since the start of the
Great Recession to 18.6 percent. Without employment, what options exist for this group?”

Who Creates Jobs, and what is a job?
The Old Mole Variety Hour
Preview: “Most politicians these days name job creation as their highest priority, though one  might wonder whether our mostly very wealthy leaders feel the pain of unemployment enough to take concerted action.  But this phrase job creation raises some questions worth exploring.  So let’s set aside for the moment the issues about how to create jobs, and ask instead who creates jobs and what is a job?”

Are Student Loans an Impending Bubble? Is Higher Education a Scam?
Preview: “Have we learned our lessons from the sub-prime housing nightmare? Could we possibly be going down the same path in another segment of our economy? Yesterday a reader inquired if I had addressed the potential impending fiasco in student loans. This morning I discussed the cost of higher education with my better half. Will our economy be able to generate both the jobs and income levels for students to manage their increasing levels of indebtedness?”

Will America ever have enough jobs?
Preview: “With a limping economy that has showed continued Black joblessness, a government that can barely fund itself and a political environment that has a zest for budget cuts and disdain for government programs, appeals to federal lawmakers for targeted urban employment don’t seem likely to get heard.”

The word most politicians ignore: Jobs
The Washington Post
Preview: “What is it about the word ‘jobs’ that our nation’s leaders fail to understand? How has the most painful economic crisis in decades somehow escaped their notice? Why do they ignore the issues that Americans care most desperately about?”

Mitt Romney: Unemployment will get Obama ‘tossed from office’
Preview: “Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney (R) said  that if President Barack Obama loses the election in 2012, it will be because of high unemployment.”

Students in Crisis: Depression, Anxiety on Rise
BU Today
Preview: “
Depression and anxiety on college campuses have risen to epidemic proportions. There are a variety of suspected causes for the alarming trend, which is supported by numerous studies, including a February 2010 Healthy Minds Study finding that 20 percent of BU students surveyed fit the criteria for major depression.
Today we begin a three-part series examining depression and anxiety among BU students. Part one offers an overview and a look at what’s behind the increase and who is most at risk. In part two, we show the faces of depression and anxiety through a series of candid interviews with students. The series concludes with information on how to get help, what that help involves, and how some students suffering from depression and anxiety—treatable conditions—have found hope, and a way out.”

The McJobs Era — Would You Like Rage With That?
Taipan Daily
Preview: “The U.S. job market and America’s higher education system are badly broken, and current policies are a recipe for rage.
What is a good way to lift the spirits of the unemployed?”
“Consider the landscape for higher education:

  • According to the Center for American Progress, U.S. student loan debt is on track to hit a cool $1 trillion in 2011.
  • At $829 billion, total student loan debt has now outpaced credit card debt.
  • The student loan burden of the typical undergraduate has more than doubled — up 108% in a decade.
  • Student loan default rates make subprime look tame: Between 25% and 43% of all loans default, depending on the type of loan (government, community college, two-year college, etc.).”
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