Asylum Granted to Jamaican Lesbian in the UK

Jamaican lesbian can stay in UK, tribunal rules 
Preview: “A Jamaican lesbian has won the right to stay in the UK after immigration judges ruled she risks persecution if she returns to her home country.”

Jamaican lesbian appeals deportation as Home Office says sexuality ‘is a ruse’ 
Pink News
Preview: “A Jamaican lesbian who served time in a UK prison for drug offences is appealing her deportation order, saying she will be killed if she returns to the country.”

Reforms introduce new challenges for gay refugees 
Law Times
Preview: “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender claimants could lose out under a plan to speed up the refugee determination process, according to a leading immigration lawyer.”

No place for homophobia here
The Star
Preview: “South Africa has given the world some powerful ideas – foremost among them the concept of the rainbow nation, where diversity is a source of strength and everyone is entitled to equal rights and respect.
It is especially saddening that the country reborn under Nelson Mandela’s watchful eye should now be the setting for a far more sinister phenomenon that undermines everything the rainbow nation stands for: so-called corrective rape.”

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