NJ’s “Here Comes the Bride” Breaks the Law and a Bride-to-Be’s Heart

Imagine this:

You get your friends and family together for you own version of “Say Yes to the Dress,” trying on gowns until you find the one that takes your breath away when you see it in the mirror. You’ve found the dress for the most magical day of your life. You ask if changes can be made to your version of it and the salesperson says they’ll look into it.

Sounds like a pretty normal exchange in bridal gown shopping, right?

Now imagine this:

When said salesperson calls you, she says you won’t be getting your dream dress. Why? Because your wedding is “illegal” and the store doesn’t support “illegal actions.”

So what is going on here? What’s wrong with this picture?

Alix Genter crossed out “groom” and put “partner,” then added her fiancée’s name. That apparently didn’t sit well with Donna, the woman who helped Alix find the dress at Somers Point, New Jersey’s Here Comes the Bride.* Aliz said “‘She said she wouldn’t work with me because I’m gay,’” and “‘said that I came from a nice Jewish family, and that it was a shame I was gay. She said, ‘There’s right, and there’s wrong. And this is wrong.’” Donna “also said – and [Alix has] the voicemail to prove it – that what [Alix was] planning was ‘illegal’ and that ‘we do not participate in any illegal actions.’” When the author of the main article on this called Donna for her side, she rambled on and on with even more.

Can you even imagine that?

Sadly, I can. There are websites dedicated to gay-friendly business and venues. There are gay-friendly wedding planners who can make the calls for you so that you don’t have to hear these sorts of comments when planning your dream wedding. Stories of the hardships people go through to find a team of people to make their wedding dreams come true are endless. If you ask me, THAT’S what’s wrong here.

In the case of New Jersey, state law “prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in private and public employment, public accommodation, housing and credit, and public works contracts.” Other state laws are better, others worse, others nonexistent.

Unfortunately, because of the “public accommodation” clause, Donna did not actually have the right to deny Alix business because of her sexual orientation. The only “illegal action” here is Donna’s, interestingly enough.

Alix, I hope you get the dress of your dreams from someone who deserves your business. Anyone else looking to put a ring on it, I wish the same to you.

Bottom line: If you DO support equality, DON’T support here comes the bride.

Are you disgusted with Here Comes the Bride? You can let them know! However, please remember that more hate won’t help; please be respectful as possible.

* Please note that this post is in reference to the Here Comes the Bride Store in Somers Point, NOT the one in Morristown.

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7 Responses to NJ’s “Here Comes the Bride” Breaks the Law and a Bride-to-Be’s Heart

  1. Starshadow says:

    Going to the Facebook page won’t help, unfortunately, as I clicked the link and found this:

    Dear Friends –

    All comments/ content associated with the discriminatory article posted today on philly.com will be removed.
    Morristown Here Comes the Bride is an active networking group of wedding related businesses in downtown Morristown, NJ (Morris County)
    We are in no way affiliated with the bridal shop mentioned in the philly.com article.
    (rest on page.)
    I have no idea if that’s the truth or not, but that’s what they say.

  2. I would leave and buy a dress somewhere else that believed in equality–and if I could afford it, I’d sue!

  3. David says:

    The anti-gay zealots are so rabid that many of the laws they have crafted include banning SOLEMNIFYING gay marriage, meaning they don’t want you to even PRETEND that you’re having a gay wedding. I’m not sure about the law here, but such weddings may indeed be illegal in some states in this country. Of course, whenever a group does not go after the “low hanging fruit” of its cause, their true agenda is called into question. Such is the case with the Defense of Marriage crowd, who say nothing of the two greatest threats to marriage: divorce and adultery. DEFEND MARRIAGE! BAN DIVORCE! DEFEND MARRIAGE! CRIMINALIZE ADULTERY!

  4. edward t says:

    In these very tough economic times and small businesses really feeling the pinch, Here Comes the Bride in Somers Point must be doing VERY well to be able to turn business away!

  5. Tatiana says:

    People, do not take such s***! Do smthg about it, call, e-mail, walk to the store if you live near by…smthg, just don’t stand by and watch people discriminate!

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