About This Site

“The campaign reminds us that in a world still reeling from the horrors of the Second World War, the Declaration was the first global statement of what we now take for granted—the inherent dignity and equality of all human beings.”—Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

“In the course of this year, unprecedented efforts must be made to ensure that every person in the world can rely on just laws for his or her protection. In advancing all human rights for all, we will move towards the greatest fulfillment of human potential, a promise which is at the heart of the Universal Declaration.”—High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights promised a global standard of the “inherent dignity and equality of all human beings.  More than sixty years, while still a dream that has made much progress, this promise is not yet a reality.  The world still has much work to do to ensure that are all treated as the equals they are.  There are still too many people who are not yet able to “take for granted” their equality, because they still lack it.  Therefore, we must continue to “move towards the greatest fulfillment of human potential, a promise which is at the heart of the Universal Declaration.”

Here, I seek to draw attention to those who are still waiting to be recognized as equals.  I also seek to share some cases of human rights violations, though I know it is impossible to cover all that occur.  I will share news stories, articles, videos, artwork, quotes, and much more that I find.  For a long time, I simply posted such links to my Facebook page, sent them in an email, passed them on to friends, and so on.  I decided to create a more intentional forum here to allow for discovery and discussion to a wider audience, as well as create an archive of the things I stumble upon in my day to day life.

So as to maintain the hope I find essential to all of my work in human rights, in addition to rights challenges and violations, I will also post things that celebrate success, identity, progress, and much more.  In this space I seek to bring awareness to the struggle, but also celebration of each step along the way.

“I know you cannot live on hope alone, but without hope, life is not worth living.”—Harvey Milk




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