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On the agenda in Virginia

Scrambling to pass Virginia legislation “The Virginia General Assembly voted on hundreds of bills Tuesday, the midpoint of its 60-day session when the two chambers face a deadline to vote on their own pieces of legislation. Lawmakers introduced more than 2,500 … Continue reading

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San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: VIDEO: In Geneva, Secretary Clinton focuses on global LGBT rights in UN Human Rights Day speech

Source: (Editor’s note: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke about Human Rights Day to the United Nations today in Geneva. The entire transcript of the speech, provided by, is below.) Good evening and let me express my deep honor and … Continue reading

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Rape: Think Before You Speak

Trigger Warning: This post deals with themes of rape, sexual assault, women, men, and colleges.  A movie that has a scene showing a sexual assault is assigned for a college course.  Before the class is supposed to watch the movie, … Continue reading

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Got LGBTQ Rights? Yes! (Massachusetts)

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Tennessee Considers Banning “Teaching Homosexuality” in K-8 Schools

“The state Senate will soon vote on a bill, known as ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ that would prohibit educators from ‘the teaching or furnishing of materials on human sexuality other than heterosexuality in public school grades K-8.’” (Click here to keep … Continue reading

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America’s Youth Have No Jobs

“There’s a youth jobs crisis in America that no one is talking about.” – America’s Youth Have No Jobs and No Safety Net Economy in Crisis Preview: “Young workers have seen unemployment rates double since the start of the Great Recession … Continue reading

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Sexual Assualt on College Campuses: The Case of Beckett Brennan

National Sexual Assault Hotline | 1.800.656.HOPE The case of Beckett Brennan (CBS) National Coalition Against Violent Athletes Stuff You Should Watch: The Case of Beckett Brennan (Safer Campus) Sexual Assault Awareness Month Presidential Proclamation–National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month Rape, Abuse, … Continue reading

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