Kappa Sigma chapter at Duke hosts racist frat party

Kappa Sigma chapter at Duke hosts racist frat party

From NBC 12: “‘Herro Nice Duke Peopre!!’ – That was the heading of an e-mail from the Kappa Sigma chapter at Duke, inviting people to Friday’s ‘Asia Prime’ – an Asian themed frat party, replete with offensive conical hats and geisha outfits. The University’s Asian student association is outraged and is circulating these pictures. The party invitations included a cartoon pic of former N. Korean leader Kim Jong-il with the caption, ‘YOU HAD ME AT HERRO.’ Unacceptable – or harmless frat-house fun?”

This is completely unacceptable. The top comment on the Facebook was that the party was “Harmless drunk fun.” Racism is not harmless, whether or not alcoholism is involved, and should never be considered fun, funny or acceptable. Tossing this party aside as just “harmless,” “drunk,” or “fun” completely eliminates the necessary responsibility that should be taken for these actions. Asian cultural customs and stereotypes are not a laughing matter.

We cannot allow such racism to occur without calling it out for what it is, especially in places of learning. College campuses are home to education, not ignorance. This is NOT “harmless frat-house fun.” This is completely unacceptable.

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